Advice for pilots about improving your English and achieving ICAO Level 4 and above from Aviation English Asia.

Article written by Michael Egerton

Being able to communicate clearly in English during non-routine situations is essential for pilots and controllers.   Read the scenario and then take a few moments to compose you thoughts. Then post your response to ATC as a comment.

The Scenario:

You have been descending from a high altitude for several minutes and suddenly notice that the altimeter and air speed indicator are showing unexpected numbers.  When you began descending the altimeter was indicating an altitude of 27,000 feet.  Several minutes later the altimeter also indicates 27,000 feet.  ATC has asked you to make a level report.

The Task:

What message would you send to ATC?  Post your message as a comment to this article.

What to do next

For feedback and more information about Aviation English Asia’s courses please visit We can help you improve your English whether you are an experienced pilot, a cadet entry pilot, a controller, aerospace engineer or flight attendant, with custom courses designed specifically for your needs. If you haven’t already please join the Aviation English mailing list for instant access to free demonstration units of the ICAO Aviation English Online course, special offers and details of courses in your area.

Of course, feel free to leave a comment or even a suggestion for a future article. We value all of your feedback.

  1. Mark Halvorsen

    Indicate FL270, altitude reading is suspect, possible reading higher than actual altitude.

  2. Jonathan

    Altimeter still indicates FL270 after several minutes descended. Suspect the altimeter is malfunctioning.

  3. Alexandre

    unable to inform altitude due to altimeter failure, request radar assistance.

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