Grammar is frequently overlooked in language testing, with some test providers arguing that “structure” shouldn’t even be there at all. One of the reasons is that the way grammar is taught in traditional English language courses is largely irrelevant to learners needs. Another reason is that Subject Matter Experts, with unfortunately no language training background, who (due to an oversight by the regulator) are involved in ICAO testing lack the language awareness to appreciate how grammar impacts effective communication. For many candidates ICAO 9835 is not an appropriate set of standards. The AEROSTA Framework is an appropriate, transparent “best practice” standard which exists independently of the ICAO 9835 Language Proficiency Requirements. Experts from the Aviation English Organisation designed the AEROSTA Framework to meet the operational needs of the aviation sector. Most importantly, it works. #aviationenglishorganisation #aerosta #aviationenglishasia #aviationenglish

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